Lord Howe Island Land Allocation Review - Final Government Response to Recommendations

In 2014 the Hon. Ken Handley AO QC was engaged by the NSW Government to review the land allocation and tenure systems on Lord Howe Island and provide advice to the Minister for the Environment.

The purpose of the review was to identify options for different land allocation methods and forms of tenure which would maintain and protect the unique environmental and cultural values of Lord Howe Island.

After extensive consultation the Handley Review was completed in February 2015.

The Government developed a preliminary response which supported the majority of the recommendations. Before finalising the response, feedback was sought from the Lord Howe Island Community in October 2016.

After consideration of community input, the Government has finalised its response to the LHI Land Allocation Review. The Minister for the Environment, the Hon Gabrielle Upton MP, has now released the Government’s Final Response.

An implementation plan for the Review is currently under development.