Lord Howe Island Airport Runway Extension Feasibility Study

The Lord Howe Island (LHI) Airport Runway Extension Feasibility Study aims to analyse and evaluate the ‘feasibility’ of extending the runway.

Why do we need a runway extension?

Regular air services play a critical role in LHI’s tourism-based economy and are a crucial mode of transport for tourists and the local community to access the Island. LHI needs regular air services to support local tourism and provide residents access to essential services and amenities.

Currently LHI is serviced by QantasLink’s Bombardier DHC-8 200 aircraft which will continue until 2023. However, beyond this, QantasLink may not be economically or operationally able to provide services to LHI using the DHC-8 200 aircraft. The DHC-8 200 is QantasLink’s only aircraft that can currently service the Island and it is reaching the end of its expected 20 year lifespan.

LHI’s restricted runway length of 888 metres limits the type of commercial aircraft that can operate on the Island. While other options have been considered such as leasing or engaging other aircraft to operate on LHI or to get other airlines to operate; without extending the runway, airlines will be restricted in the types of aircraft that can service the Island. 

A sustainable and viable long-term solution is needed to secure the provision of air services to LHI. 

Further Information

Please see the Runway Extension Feasibility Study page for more information.