LHIB Wins Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia Award

The Lord Howe Island Board is proud to announce that is has won the Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia (SERA) award for Restoration Excellence for large scale projects over 50 hectares, which they shared with the Nature Glenelg Trust Long Swamp.

The awards were announced at the 4th International Conference of the Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia (SERA) conference held in Brisbane on 27th September 2018, attended by over 300 delegates. The award recognises the Board’s achievement in implementing an internationally significant restoration project on World Heritage listed Lord Howe Island.

The Board’s nomination outlined the holistic island-wide restoration and biodiversity conservation project being carried out in accordance with the LHI Biodiversity Management Plan 2007, complementary to the conservation work which commenced in the 1980’s with the eradication of pigs and cats for recovery of the endangered Woodhen. It has since eradicated feral goat, over 10 species of weed with a further 20 species nearing eradication and over 80% reduction in weed density across the island, eradicated African Big-headed Ant and Myrtle Rust with significant improvements in Biosecurity, recovery of threatened species and their habitats and completed planning and approvals to implement a rodent eradication program.  Insert link to nomination ED18/9263 and video ED18/9285 on Boards website

Tein McDonald from the SERA Awards subcommittee said “the joint winners were selected from a very strong field of Australasian ecological restoration cases. Lord Howe Island's program is one of the finest examples in the world of a community and Park managers striving to attain improved health of ecosystems, benefiting people, tourism and nature. Nature Glenelg Trust's work at Long Swamp, in the far south-western corner of Victoria, is a demonstration of a community working together with an NGO to restore wetland hydrology across a 15km long wetland, reinstating this important site's wetland plants and animals. Both projects have achieved very high levels of recovery of target plants and animals and expect further improvements as the projects continue over the years”.

Community Information Bulletin November 2018

Submission - Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia - Nomination for Award 2018 PDF 451 KB