Lagoon Foreshore Fitness Trail - Community Questionnaire

As most people would be aware the Board has received funding from the Stronger Country Community Funds to the value of $93,660 to install fitness/exercise equipment at the Lagoon foreshore and we are seeking your feedback. The Board is keen to gather your thoughts and ideas as to your preferred options with the type and location of the equipment.

In order for the Board to make their decisions we wish to seek your opinion as users of the fitness equipment. Therefore we invite you to complete a questionnaire (see link below to download) and return it to our office by Friday 21 January 2019.

Some background information to this proposal may assist in your decision making: The application for the SCCF program was based on the initial community feedback of what they would like to see and a fixed budget of $96,660 has now been established which should provide for a reasonable amount of exercise equipment. The two options of providing the equipment at a single location or along the foreshore trail between the Lagoon Boatsheds and the Aquatic Club is yet to be determined and the type of equipment based on the proposed usage is also yet to be determined.

Thank you for taking the time in completing our fitness trail questionnaire and assistance in providing your comments on this matter to ensure decisions are based on our community’s wishes and needs.

Questionnaire - Lagoon Foreshore Fitness Trail PDF 124 KB