Island renewable energy

The draft Road Map was prepared by Powercorp based on the excellent work of the LHI Community Sustainable Energy Working Group who produced the 'Guiding Principles for the Development of Renewable Energy on LHI'.

The draft Road Map proposes that future power generation on the island may consist of diesel hybrid generation system consisting of:

  • Existing diesel generators;
  • Approx 200kW of private grid connected renewable Solar Photo Voltaic (PV) or Wind systems on leases;
  • Approx 200kW of centralised or community Solar PV;
  • Wind generation consisting of 2-3 x 275kW wind turbines located on portion 101 on Transit Hill;
  • Installation of flywheel technology in Powerhouse;
  • Energy storage systems possibly centralized battery storage and use of electric vehicle batteries; and
  • Use of smart meters and demand management technology to enable better use of renewable energy.

Copies of the draft Road Map are available for collection from the LHIB administration office or can be issued electronically via email. LHIB and the SEWG will be undertaking further consultation of the Road Map during October and November with the view to finalising the Road Map for Board approval at the December 2011 LHI Board Meeting.

LHIB encourages you to review the road map and have your say on the future of Lord Howe Island's energy supply. Please provide any feedback to the Board by close of business Friday 11 November 2011.