Free Removal of Hard Waste for the Island Community

As published in the April 2016 Community Information Bulletin, the Lord Howe Island Board is offering Island residents and businesses the one-off opportunity to remove hard waste from their leases during the coming months. The cleanup will benefit the community, residents and the environment. The community is encouraged to take advantage of this one-off free service by registering for a site inspection of their properties by a Board staff member to identify and record the materials eligible to be removed from each property. 

Ineligible items that will not be removed during this program include green waste, buildings for removal or building waste under approved DA arrangements, or old vehicles required to be removed as part of a vehicle importation approval. 

Examples of materials that meet the free removal criteria are

  1. All metal, including roofing, cars, trailers, engines, equipment, fridges and washing machines.
  2. Any watercraft (both fibreglass and steel construction) and motors, tyres.
  3. Rainwater tanks.
  4. Paint cans, chemical drums and fuel containers.
  5. Asbestos - providing that the leaseholder has engaged at their cost, licensed asbestos removers to legally remove and package the asbestos. Once appropriately packaged and safe, the asbestos will be eligible for free removal from the Island.

The collection areas with dates are as follows:

  1. South of Windy Point along Lagoon Rd to Mt Gower gate, including Mulley Drive - May 2016.
  2. Lagoon Rd north of Windy Point to Milky Way, including Middle Beach Rd to the junction of Anderson Rd - June 2016 
  3. Anderson Rd and  Ned’s Beach Rd - July 2016
  4. McGee’s, Skyline and Mutton Bird Drives - August 2016  

The service will include pickup from premises, delivery to the Waste Management Facility and removal from the island. Special assistance can be provided for heavy or bulky items. A suitable area for materials to be stored on the lease, prior to collection, will be discussed during the property visit. Materials taken to the Waste Management Facility by residents will not be eligible for the free service.

Please note, unregistered hard waste will not be collected as part of this service. Once designated areas have been serviced, no extra collections will be undertaken outside the dates provided.

Interested residents must phone the Board on 6563 2066 to arrange a time for an inspection.