Endangered loggerhead turtle still travelling south

The second tracking map has now been received and the juvenile turtle appears to be travelling well and has been transmitting data for 38 days. Updated maps on the movements of the turtle are provided by the National Marine Fisheries Service, based in Hawaii, who receive regular updates from the satellite tag that is fitted to the upper surface of the turtles shell.

Little is known about the migration of juvenile Australian loggerhead turtles in the South Pacific. They leave their nesting islands in Queensland as tiny hatchlings and do not return again until they are breeding adults over 30 years of age. Where they go during this time and what they do is a mystery. This little turtle will provide valuable information about the mysterious migration habits of this endangered species. The juvenille loggerhead was taken to the eastern side of the island, to enable the turtle to be released into warm ocean currents where loggerheads of this age would be feeding.

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