COVID-19 Update - Public Health Order No.3 31 July 2020

Confirmation has just been received that the Minister for Health has signed a new Public Health Order (No.3) for Lord Howe Island. The Order will effectively continue restrictions on travel to the island until 31 August.

Details will be further confirmed when the Order is able to be viewed. However, it is apparent that:

  • Persons wishing to access Lord Howe Island will continue to need approval and will be subject to quarantine in the same fashion as has applied up until now.

  • Those arriving before 31 August will need to complete their full 14 days quarantine effectively meaning that some people‚Äôs quarantine will continue until 14 September.

Both Qantas and Eastern Air Services have been waiting to hear news and will be managing how to deal with those who have booked flights who might not be now able to arrive on-island.

If you have any questions please contact Peter Adams, Justin Sauvage or the Lord Howe Island Police officer, Heath Roberts.