COVID-19 Update Public Health Order 31 March 2020

Public Health (COVID-19 Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) Order 2020

In the interest of public health and in an effort to stem the continued spread of COVID-19 the NSW government have enacted a new, more stringent Public Health Order as of 31st March 2020.

This Order outlines the following further restrictions to gatherings and movement:

A person must not, without reasonable excuse, leave the person’s place of residence. Examples of a reasonable excuse include leaving for reasons involving—

  1. obtaining food or other goods and services, or
  2. travelling for the purposes of work or education if the person cannot do it at home, or
  3. exercise, or
  4. medical or caring reasons.

In addition, this Order directs that a person must not participate in a gathering in a public place of more than 2 persons. Exceptions include—

  1. gatherings of members of the same household, and
  2. gatherings essential for work or education

How can you make sure that your actions are within the bounds of the Order?

1. Only leave your house for essential activities

  • Grocery shopping
  • To pick up goods essential to conducting business
  • Going to the Waste Management Facility
2. Only travel when absolutely necessary
  • To and from your work place
  • To and from the shop
  • To and from school

3. Exercise anywhere on the Island as long as you maintain 1.5m distance between persons. You can exercise with a maximum of one person from a different household or anyone from your household (regardless of number).

Household: refers to all persons currently living in your dwelling.

Examples of exercise include:

  • Walking with a friend at 1.5m
  • Walking with your partner and children (one household) at 1.5m
  • Walking your dog
  • Swimming with a friend at 1.5m
  • Surfing with a friend or with your household at 1.5m
  • Hiking with a friend or with your household at 1.5m

4. Keep 1.5m as much as possible and ensure you practice all safety measures if you leave your home for a medical or caring reason.

  • Urgently need to see the Doctor
  • Develop symptoms
  • Are an essential primary carer for another person

5. Do not plan gatherings.

  • Try not to meet up with people at this time. If you must meet with someone as a primary support person limit this to a 2 person gathering only.
  • Leaving the house to meet up with friends or family for social purposes is not permitted.
  • Gathering for the purpose of work is permitted with a 1.5m distance still being maintained.

More information on applicable Public Health Orders can be found on the NSW Government COVID-19 website

If you have any questions with regard to this information or need further clarification please call the LHIB on 6563 2066.

Yours Sincerely,

Peter Adams
DATE: 31ST March 2020