COVID-19 Travel and Shipping information 2 April 2020

Intent to travel

If you plan to travel off island, it is important to confirm your plans with Constable Heath Roberts before booking.

As you are probably aware, all persons in NSW must now stay at home unless you have a reasonable excuse. In addition access to Lord Howe Island is restricted under the “Public Health (COVID-19 Lord Howe Island) Order 2020”.

Confirming that your reason for travel is considered reasonable will provide confidence that you will be able to return to the Island, as well as ensuring your travel to the mainland is not in breach of any legal conditions. Please call Constable Heath Roberts at the LHI Police Station on 02 6563 2199 to confirm your travel plans before booking.


Heath has made representations and has been able to confirm that under the conditions of the Order (31st March 2020), it has been confirmed that fishing at Lord Howe Island is an acceptable excuse for leaving your dwelling.

Whilst fishing you must maintain a maximum of two people gathering in your boat, and observe all social-distancing conditions.

Island Trader Operations

The Island Trader will be arriving this weekend and delivering general cargo to the Island.  The following special precautions will continue to be maintained in response to Coronavirus COVID-19.

  • The Island Trader has procedures in place to monitor the health of the ship’s crew and respond if there are any health concerns related to COVID-19.
  • The ship’s crew will establish a public health separation zone at the jetty to safely manage cargo operations and avoid contact between ship’s crew and the island-based staff. All possible biosecurity cargo checks take place outside of this zone.
  • Social distancing, face masks and gloves will be used where ship and island staff need to work in the separation zone.
  • The ship’s crew will remain on the ship, except where cargo operations require them to enter the separation zone.
  • These precautions will also be used by Lord Howe Island Board staff when conducting routine biosecurity checks.

The island team will continue to deliver goods to residents, but additional precautions will be in place. The team:

  • Will apply social distancing and will avoid contact with other people.
  • Will take extra care to avoid contact with residents who are in 14 day quarantine following return from the mainland.
  • Will not enter people’s homes.  If you usually need assistance moving boxes of cargo inside, please consider arranging this with a friend or family member.  Because the delivery team are visiting many properties, it presents an additional risk if they enter people’s homes.

Note that there is no special requirement for handling boxes and packages which have arrived on the ship.  The risk of contracting COVID-19 from a box or package is very low.  Follow NSW public health advice and wash your hands regularly.

There are no changes to the Island Trader schedules as a result of the COVID-19 response.  Birdon has business continuity plans in place for the Island Trader and the Board is in regular contact with Birdon to monitor and review these measures as required.

Enquiries can be directed to David Waterhouse Manager Infrastructure and Engineering Services (02) 6563 2066 Ext 29.

Yours Sincerely,

Peter Adams
DATE: 2nd April 2020