COVID-19 Public Health Order Decision 29 July 2020

As you will be aware, the LHI Public Health Order No. 2 has restricted access to the island and is due to expire on 3 August. Effectively, this meant that the island would be open to tourism from that date.

However, NSW Health have advised that they have concerns regarding community transmission of the virus on the mainland. It is not clear at this stage whether active cases in NSW will continue to increase or whether their measures will result in spread of the virus being brought back into better control.

Because of this, it is my understanding that it is very possible that a new Public Health Order will be enacted that would extend the restrictions beyond 3 August. This is a decision by the Minister for Health having taken advice from NSW Health. Therefore at this stage it is not possible to be certain of what that decision will be.

The Board have stressed with NSW Health, the urgency of making and communicating a decision as soon as possible because of its implications and challenges to those on island and to travellers booked to visit LHI.

Your frustrations and the challenges this uncertainty creates are understood and as soon as any decision or further information is known, I will communicate it urgently.