Airport Terminal Traffic Operations - Questionnaire

As the new airport terminal has been operational for a number of months we are seeking your feedback and ideas as to its current operation. The Board is keen to gather your thoughts and ideas on the way traffic is operating so that any required changes can be made along with any longer term future planning that may be considered.

In order for the Board to make their decisions we wish to seek your opinion as users of the airport terminal. Therefore, we invite you to download, save and complete the questionnaire and return it to our admin office by Friday 29 June 2018, or email it to See download link below.

Some background information to this proposal may assist in your decision making. The following process was detailed in a householder sent out on March 19:

  • Vehicles with guests departing are to access the departures door using the terminal-side driveway at the end of Airport Drive.

  • At the drop-off area, in front of the departures door, drivers can stop and assist guests to the door or the check-in counter. Drivers are requested to wait in line and move forward as other vehicles move around to the parking area after dropping off their guests.

  • Continue driving clockwise around the internal garden and out to the grass parking area on the western side of Airport Drive.

  • General parking is at the southern end of the grass parking area, down toward entrance to Airport Drive. Lodge parking is at the northern end of the grass parking area, opposite the arrivals end of the terminal building.

  • Please, do not access the terminal with passengers departing through the arrivals door, as this movement impacts significantly on new arrivals exiting the terminal to claim their baggage and access lodge vehicles.

Thank you for your assistance, you will be advised of the Board’s decision on this matter so to ensure it is based on sound information your input is important.

Download: Airport Terminal Parking Questionnaire PDF 29 KB