African Big-headed Ant Eradication Program

Over the last few weeks, Board staff have been monitoring areas that were treated between October 2012 and May 2013. Results are showing success throughout most of the treated areas, allowing native ant species and other invertebrates to bounce back.

There are still two known infestations on the Island and the Board is working closely with the affected leaseholders to survey and treat these areas.

The program has been developed with the assistance of Dr Ben Hoffmann an ecologist from the CSIRO’s Tropical Ecosystem Research Centre. Ben will be visiting the Island in November 2013, to provide advice and guide the eradication works.  An open session will be held on Wednesday 13 November at 4pm at the Museum. All residents and visitors are invited to attend.

This round of assessment and treatment will continue throughout summer and autumn with a short break over the Christmas – New Year period. Residents are asked to report any potential sightings of African Big-headed Ants to the Board. To prevent spread of the ant and re-infestation of other parts of the Island, people with known populations should avoid transporting waste or soil.

This work has been possible through funding assistance provided by the Commonwealth Government’s Caring for Our Country (CFOC) program.