Community Development

Community Strategy

The Lord Howe Island Community Strategy is an initiative of the Lord Howe Island community in response to the many uncertainties and difficulties that affect small and isolated communities. The island community has not previously developed an overall plan and the desire to create a cohesive and vibrant community led to a commitment to prepare a plan for our future.

The preparation and development of the LHI Community Strategy was possible due to the commitment and financial support of the Lord Howe Island Board.

A Community Reference Team was formed to assist and guide the engagement with the community to develop a community strategy. The key event was the 'Community Conversations Week' facilitated by the Bank of IDEAS.

We now have a Plan with a vision statement, guiding principles, community goals and a set of strategies and actions. The Strategy is very much based on the philosophy that communities do not develop from the 'top down' or from the 'outside in', but from the inside out', when their residents invest themselves, ideas, assets, capabilities and resources in the process.

The Plan is an ideas document, many of which we as a community are keen to implement. There are many actions in the Plan and the hard work now begins to implement these actions. This Strategy provides an ambitious plan for the island and not all actions may be possible or achievable, but with the commitment and support of the whole community we can give it a go.  

This Strategy is not a fixed document but will change as new ideas and goals are developed through the ongoing conversation. Like the planning phase, it requires the involvement of all residents and community organisations.

While the LHI Community Strategy document is significant it was the process - the conversation in the community about our future - that was most important. It is vital that we continue to talk, to have a conversation, to develop new ideas and to create the vibrant, inclusive, united and confident community we desire.

Lord Howe Island Community Strategy 2010-2015 PDF 697 KB

Community Development Group

The Strategy recommended the formation of a Community Development Group (CDG) to provide a leadership role in the community and to coordinate and support the implementation of actions identified in the Strategy. Following a public call for nominations the LHI CDG has been formed. The CDG is made up of the following community representatives: Audrey Ball, Amy Hickey, Julian Mostert, Chris Murray, Frank Reed and Liz Wilson.