Review of the Board’s Vehicle Importation Transfer and Use Policy

The Lord Howe Island Board (Board) has undertaken a review of its Vehicle Importation, Transfer and Use Policy. The Board developed this policy to manage the number of vehicles approved for use on the Island in accordance with the provisions of the Lord Howe Island (LHI) Act 1953 and the LHI Regulation 2014. The Policy is subject to a clear, equitable and consistent approval process.

The current version of the Vehicle Importation, Transfer and Use Policy was adopted in 2015. Changes to the Policy are required to strengthen the Board’s ability to achieve its aim of limiting the overall number and impact of vehicle movements on the island’s road system, including revised definition of preferred vehicles and maximum size of vehicles, incentives for electric vehicles, inclusion of plant and equipment, clarification of commercial vehicle approval period, strengthening biosecurity measures and limitations on use of vehicles attached to deceased estates.

The revised Vehicle Importation, Transfer and Use Policy is now on public exhibition for a period of 28 days from Thursday 1 June to COB on Wednesday 28 June 2017. Copies of the policy will be on display at the Board's Administration Office during normal business hours or you can download a copy below.

To make a submission on the policy please write to:

Chief Executive Officer

PO Box 5

Lord Howe Island NSW 2898

or send an email to:

Draft - Vehicle Importation, Transfer and Use Policy PDF 197 KB