Public Waste Bin Stations 3rd December 2019

As the festive season approaches, the Board would like to remind all residents not to place domestic or commercial waste in the public bins.  Each year the Board attempts to administer and process the increase in waste disposed of in this way.  Recent investigations of the public bins has revealed that the vast majority of the increased volume is originating from private dwellings.


In order for the Board to maintain and service the public areas to its usual clean and tidy state during the busy Christmas break, we ask that all residents refrain from disposing of waste in the public bins. We simply cannot deal with the increased volume with the bins then regularly overflowing.


The Board Works Team wishes all residents a safe and happy festive season. The team will be working through the holiday period to keep the island looking its best.


Yours Sincerely

John van Gaalen


Date: 2 December 2019