Proposed Biosecurity Fees and Charges

At the December 2020 meeting the Board was provided an update in relation to Biosecurity.

The paper proposes changes to fees and charges for vessels and aircraft.

The Board resolved to:

  1. Note the Biosecurity update.
  2. Place on public exhibition for a period of six weeks over Christmas the proposed fees and charges outlined in Table 2 in the body of this report.
  3. Note that the fees do not apply to RPT air passenger services or the Island Trader Service.
  4. That the Board Administration review the fee as required to ensure cost recovery for Biosecurity services to visiting vessels and aircraft.

Following the exhibition period a paper be presented to the Board at the March 2021 meeting.

Refer Business Paper - 12 (i) - Biosecurity Update - December 2020

The proposed fees are provided on page eight and are preceded by detailed analysis in support of the recommendations.

Submissions in relation to the fees and charges are requested by close of business Monday 22 February 2021:


Lord Howe Island Board
PO Box 5