Project to detect priority weeds on LHI with drone January 2021


Project to detect priority weeds on LHI with drones continues…

Preliminary field work / reconnaissance is scheduled for the 9th – 16th January 2021

Weed survey mapping work is scheduled for February 2021

The LHIB have engaged Dendra Systems to further progress trials using drones mounted with cameras to detect some of the priority LHI target weeds (eg cherry guava, sweet pittosporum, ochna, ground asparagus, bitou bush) from amongst native plants. The intent of this project is to be able to detect weeds in hard to access terrain. Due to the limited number of accessible target weeds on LHI, surrogate sites were surveyed on the mainland late last year to develop and test the technology.

The team from Singleton NSW (James Rennie and Sam Headley) are due to undertake preliminary work on island from the 9th to the 16th of January 2021.

This visit will involve scoping access constraints on foot and boat, and they will be using a drone (DJ Phantom) to develop a terrain model to build on an existing terrain data provided by the LHIB. With this information they will plan the flight path for the weed mapping drone, which is scheduled for February which will use a heavier hybrid (battery/petrol) drone known as the Harris.

Areas planned for this visit will focus on the PPP and adjacent non leasehold crown land.

Whilst the project is planned to only map and detect weeds in the PPP and non-leasehold land, we do encourage leaseholders on reserve edges to include their lease in the program if they wish. The LHIB will make contact with leaseholders that are in proximity to the edges of the PPP and non-leasehold land to advise of prospective flight times.

Note: Mapping of leasehold land will only be conducted with consent from the leaseholder.

Any queries please contact the LHIB 0265632066. This Project work is funded by the   NSW Environmental Trust. Dendra’s business focus is “Creating Scalable Restoration and Rehabilitation of Our Lands” which will help in our effort to Protect Paradise from Weeds. Effective weed management requires an all-terrain approach!