Pesticide Use Notification - 27/11/2017 to 18/12/2017

Lord Howe Island Board Staff will be spraying pesticide from Monday 27 November 2017 to Friday 18 December 2017, weather permitting, in the following locations:

  • All Board buildings and residences
  • Road verges and reserves
  • All Public Areas
  • Picnic Areas
  • Playground
  • Cemetery
  • Jetty Area
  • Hospital
  • Aerodrome

A Frame notification signs will be displayed on site during spraying operations. Spraying will occur between 06.30am – 3.00pm

PESTICIDE:                              CLEARUP BIO

ACTIVE CONSTITUENT:         360g/L GLYPHOSATE            

PESTICIDE                               SPEARHEAD                                             


                                                15g/L DIFLUFENICAN                                                                   

                                                300g/L MCPA    

For the treatment of grasses and broadleaf weeds

For further information please contact Jim McFadyen, Infrastructure and Engineering, Lord Howe Island Board on 02 65632066 or