Notification of Helicopter Lance Spray Operation - July to August 2020

The Lord Howe Island Board is planning to undertake surveillance and spot spraying of weeds on cliff lines. This will see a continuation of the initial operation which commenced in 2015

The helicopter is fitted with a lance spray apparatus which enables targeted application of weeds on cliff lines.

Dense infestations of Ground Asparagus and Bitou Bush are now uncommon on the island and it is important to keep depleting infestations from cliff lines to prevent their spread. This project will complement efforts undertaken by ground crews.

This island’s unique scenery and biodiversity are an important tourism asset. Detection and control of outlier weeds on cliffs will consolidate and progress the weed eradication program which aims to protect the Island’s World Heritage listed environmental values.

The operation is planned over a 5-7 day period between 27th July to 30th August (possibly early September) pending on weather and seabird activity.

For any queries regarding this operation or for further information on the results in Protecting Paradise from weeds please see or contact the LHIB on 02 65632066

This project is funded by Saving our Species and North Coast Local Land Services.