Notice of Proposed Lease Transfer

Notice is hereby given that an application has been submitted by Stephen Anthony Krick and Gracey Maree Krick for consent to transfer Perpetual Lease 1996/01, (being Lot 331 Anderson Road, Lord Howe Island) by way of sale to Rosalind Jane Wade and Christopher Peter Wade.

The proposed transferees are not Islanders within the meaning of the Lord Howe Island Act, 1953 (the Act) and the Board is required under the Act to satisfy itself that there is no Islander who desires, and is in a position, to take up the Lease.

Any Islander who desires, and is in a position to take up the lease should lodge a written submission clearly showing the applicant is in a position to take up the transfer.

The market value as determined under Section 23(1) of the Act will be notified upon personal application by an eligible Islander. Islanders wishing to lodge claims should do so no later than 4.30pm on Tuesday 16 February 2016.


Penny Holloway


18 January 2016