Householder - Notification of Pesticide Use

1 July 2021 to 31 December 2021

Board staff may be using pesticides in the following areas

Playground and Oval; picnic areas; vacant Crown Land within the Settlement area; road verges and reserves; Windy Point footpath; airport grounds and airstrip; the former powerhouse grounds and surrounding buildings; the Community Hall grounds; Post Office grounds; Hospital grounds; satellite dish grounds; jetty buildings; lagoon foreshore; LHIB residences; LHI Cemetery; PPP boundaries and fence lines, LHIB reforestation areas; for the treatment of grasses and broad-leafed weeds; or environmental weeds such as Ground Asparagus, Climbing Asparagus, Blue Periwinkle and Cherry Guava. Weed eradication works will be undertaken throughout the settlement, the PPP, Transit Hill, Stevens Reserve and other crown reserves and roadsides/revegetation areas; working up to and including track edges.

Product/s and active constituents to be used:

For foliar spray:

Clear Up Bio: active constituent Glyphosate 360g/L;

Fusillade: Fluazifop-p present as butyl ester28g/L;

Associate: active constituent Metsulfuron Methyl 600g/kg;

Spearhead: active constituent Clopyralid 20g/L 15g/L, Diflufenican 300g/L and MCPA, Apparent Ravage: active constituent 340g/L MCPA present as Dimethylamine Salt 80g/L DICAMBA,

Apparent Salvo 212: active constituent: 212g/L Fluazifop-p

Sierraron G: active constituent Di-chlobenil 67.5g/Kg;

Starane Fluroxypr 333g/L + diesel.

Apparent Paraffinic Oil Adjuvant: active constituent: 582g/L Paraffinic oil 120g/L Nonyl Phenol Ethoxylate 120g/L Alcohol Ethoxylate.

Apparent Wetter 1000: active constituent: 1000g/L Nonionic Ethoxylates.

Apparent Devour 1020 Penetrant: active constituent: 1020g/L Polyether Modified Polysiloxane.

Bigfoot Blue Spray Colourant: active constituent: 93 g/L Sulphonated Aromatic Dye.

Protec Plus Spray Adjuvant: active constituent: Esterified canola oil @700g/L and non-ionic surfactants.


Cut and paint application: 

Clear Up Bio: active constituent Glyphosate 360g/L;

Associate: active constituent Metsulfuron Methyl 600g/kg;

Safari – (Garlon) tri-clopyr 600g/L

Vigilant II Herbicide Gel: active constituents: 4.47 g/L aminopyralid present as the triisopropanolamine salt 44.7 g/L picloram present as the potassium salt.



Control of the African Big Headed Ant (Pheidole magacephala): Product/s to be used and -

Amdro: active constituent 7.3g/Kg Hydramethylnon;

Distance Plus: active constituent 5g/kg pyriproxyfen;

Advion Ant Gel: active constituent 0.5 g/kg Indoxacarb.


Control of various insect pests of turf, lawns and biosecurity risks:

Chaindrite Bouncer 100SC T & O Multi insecticide: active constituent Bifenthrin100g/L pyrethroid.

Tempo SC Ultra Pest Control Concentrate: active constituent Beta-cyfluthrin 11.8% pyrethroid.


Rodent monitoring stations in and around buildings and sheds:

Roban blocks 0.05 g/kg Difenacoum containing Denatonium Benzoate as bittering agent.


Treatment of Phytophthora cinnamomi. Product used is Medley 50G Systemic granular fungicide: Active constituent 59g/kg Metalaxyl.


Emergency treatment of Myrtle Rust incursion. Products able to be used:

Amistar 250 SC fungicide and other registered products containing 250 g/L azoxystrobin as its only active constituent,

Amistar WG fungicide and other registered products containing 500 g/kg azoxystrobin as its only active constituent,

Bayfidan 250 EC fungicide and Management plan for myrtle rust on the national parks estate 9 other registered products containing 250 g/L triadimenol as its only active constituent,

Saprol fungicide and other registered products containing 190 g/L triforine as its only active constituent and

Tilt 250 EC systemic fungicide and other registered products containing 250 g/L propiconazole as its only active constituent.


For further information please contact Hank Bower, Manager Environment & World Heritage, Lord Howe Island Board on 02 65632066 ext 23 or       


Please refer to the Lord Howe Island Board’s Pesticide Use Notification Plan (2015) at            for specific details regarding the notification of the use of pesticides on the Island. For any further information please contact the Board.