Expressions of Interest - Use of Catchment Management Facility

The Lord Howe Island Board is seeking Expressions of Interest from the Lord Howe Island Community for the use of the Catchment Management Facility (CFM) located at the Nursery. The CFM could be used in its current or modified form. Proposals could include commercial lease arrangements.

Please see the attached pages for further information.

Submissions are due close of Business Monday 22 March 2021.

For further information please contact Justin Sauvage, Manager Environment and Community Services on 6563 2066.

Expression of Interest – use of the Catchment Management Facility.

The Lord Howe Island Board is seeking expressions of interest from individuals or groups for the use of a portion of the Lord Howe Island Board nursery consisting of the Catchment Management Facility (CFM). 

Site Description

The site is located in the central part of the settlement area located off Nursery Access Road and Middle Beach Road. The site is legally referred to as Lot 2, DP 1202416 (Figure 1).

The site contains plant nursery and greenhouses that have been used for food production. There is a commercial lease on the site, held by Kentia Fresh Pty Ltd. The land currently under the commercial lease does not form part of the site area for this EOI.

Figure 1 details the area of land covered by the EOI.

The Lord Howe Island Board’s Research Facility is also located on the site and is located approximately 70m away from the nursery and associated structures in the south-west corner. It is excluded from this EOI.

Surrounding uses include the Stevens Reserve to the north and the Leanda Lei tourist accommodation to the south.

The site is zoned Zone 2 Settlement under the Lord Howe Island Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2010. The site contains Significant Native Vegetation (SNV) as shown in Figure 2. The site is not considered to be flood prone land.

Figure 2 Cleared area in blue, Significant Native Vegetation in green

Existing Infrastructure on the Catchment Management Facility

The CMF was built for the Rodent Eradication Project (REP) to manage populations of Woodhen and Currawong during the active baiting phase of the REP. Development Approval for the construction of the enclosures and subsequent use was granted under DA2017.13

The CMF is a combination of modifications to existing LHIB igloos / shade structures from the former LHIB nursery and a new purpose- built shade structure. Structures included:

  • Currawong Dome 1 – 58 pre-fabricated and flat-packed modular aviaries assembled inside an existing nursey igloo
  • Currawong overflow aviaries – 12 additional pre-fabricated and flat-packed modular aviaries assembled on a cleared site
    • All aviary dimensions are 2.7m high x 5m long x 1.2m wide
    • Rolls of mouseproof mesh form the floor and along the roof to totally enclose the aviaries
    • 400mm high galvabond sheets wrap around the base of each row of aviaries
    • Aviaries are comprised of 2 panels per wall (each aviary shares a common wall), back panel and front panel with door and feeder box
    • Aviaries are designed as flat pack, so can be dismantled and relocated/repurposed
  • Woodhen Dome 2 – New shade structure on the footprint of a former nursery igloo. 6 large woodhen pens
  • Woodhen Dome 3 – modifications to existing nursery igloo. 4 large and 6 small (quarantine) woodhen pens
    • Both woodhen structures are built from maxirib colourbond sheeting on the perimeter and normal colourbond fence profile on the internal walls.
    • External walls are dug 600mm down and concreted in.
    • There is capacity to remove and repurpose if required, particularly internal panels

Scope of Proposals and Assessment of EOI submissions

The Board is looking for proposals that are consistent with the Island vision – projects that will provide for the well-being of the Island community, and protection and enhancement of the Island environment for the benefit of all. Proposals might achieve this directly, or indirectly. An example of an indirect benefit might be a commercial enterprise that provides a tourism service that generates income for the Board’s community and environmental activities through levies or rental income.

EOI proposals might consider the use or repurposing of the existing sheds or it might consider the removal of the existing infrastructure and construction of new infrastructure. EOI’s contemplating commercial leases are also encouraged.

Ideally the EOI proposal will have one or more of the following outcomes:

  • stimulate the local economy
  • create employment and or training opportunities
  • direct community benefit
  • address an existing or future need on the Island.
  • improve the resilience of the island (ie food security)
  • be financially sustainable

The subject land is zoned settlement so the permissible uses are quite broad and include, but not limited to commercial, community, residential and accommodation uses. Depending on the use, development approval may also be required.

Preparation of EOI

EOI submissions should identify the following:

  • the applicant(s) and primary operators of the proposal
  • the need for the proposal in an Island context
  • how the proposal will benefit the island and or the environment
  • permissibility under the current LEP
  • how the project will be financed in the short and long term.
  • a timeframe for the implementation and delivery of the proposal
  • risk mitigation strategies to address key risks

EOI submissions will be reviewed by the Lord Howe Island Board administration who will then prepare a report to the full Board for further consideration.

Due Date:

Submissions must be received by the Board by the close on the close of business Monday 22 March 2021.

If you have any questions or would like to arrange a site visit please contact Justin Sauvage, Manager of Environment and Community Services on 6563 2066.