APL England Response - 17 July 2020

Container spill - APL England

  • Surgical facemasks, plastic containers, foam and other marine debris are washing up on Lord Howe Island beaches as a result of the spill of container from the ship APL England
  • To assist with the response, specially marked bins have been placed at popular locations at Old Settlement, the jetty, Lagoon Beach, the Aquatic Club and CobbysBeach
  • Debris found can be placed in these by residents (and staff)
  • The resulting waste material will form part of the statewideincident response covered by insurance
  • If you find large pieces of marine debris, have questions or suggestions, please contact the Lord Howe Island Board or Lord Howe Island Marine Parks office

Further information about the container spill can be found on the RMS website: www.rms.nsw.gov.au/maritime/environment/apl-england.html