September 2019

1 Conflict of Interest Declarations                                                            

2 Minutes of Previous Meeting - Notice of Adoption PDF 104 MB                                          

3 Out of Session Matters - Status Report  PDF 101 KB                                                   

4 Actions from Previous Meetings - Status Report  PDF 153 KB                                              

5 Cheif Executive Officer's Report PDF 1.2 MB                                                   

6 Motor Vehicle Importation or Transfer - Status Report              

7 Finance and Business Management               

(i) Closed Session                 

(ii) Closed Session                 

8 Development Applications                  

(i) Owner Consent approved under Delegated Authority PDF 102 KB          

(ii) DAs Determined Under Delegated Authority PDF 103 KB              

(iii) Diane Owens Two Lot Subdivision, Erection of a new dwelling on the proposed lot associated with a transfer of dwelling entitlement, erection of a tourist acommodation OC2019.06 and DA2019.06 PDF 1.4 MB

(iv) The Construction of a Community Skate Park DA2019.11 PDF 2.3 MB                

(v) Lord Howe Island Bowling Club alterations to kitchen and bathroom facilities OC2019.10 and DA2019.15 PDF 866 KB 

(vi) Proposal to make the Lord Howe Island Board a Planning Proposal Authority PDF 117 KB       

9 Policy & Strategy       

(i) Biosecurity Operations Plan Resourcing update PDF 130 KB

(ii) Removal of Camphor Laurels from Stevens Reserve PDF 2 MB                                         

10 Leasing & Land Administration      

(i) Lord Howe Island Land Allocation Review – Implementation Update PDF 160 KB        

(ii) Closed Session 

(iii) Closed Session 

(iv) Closed Session 

(v) Closed Session 

(vi) Closed Session 

(vii) Closed Session 

(viii) Special Lease Report – Proposed extension of special leases PDF 1.6 MB     

(ix) Proposal to relocate Permissive Occupancy for Pinetrees boatshed PDF 1.4 MB        

(x) Closed Session 

(xi) Review of Perpetual Leases that are potentially in Breach of their lease conditions PDF 169 KB            

11 Governance  

(i) Closed Session 

(ii) Closed Session 

(iii) Attestation Statement for Financial Year 2018/19 PDF 1.4 MB            

12 Operations & Services             

(i) Rodent Eradication Project Update PDF 208 KB         

13 WH&S and Public Risk Management

(i) WH&S and Public Risk Management Update PDF 84 KB       



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