September 2015

The following business papers are available for download for the September 2015 Board meeting:

1 Minutes of Previous Meeting - Notice of Adoption

2 Out of Session Matters - Status Report

3 Actions from Previous Meeting - Status Report

4 Chief Executive Officer's Report

5 Motor Vehicle Importation or Transfer - Status Report

6 Financial Impact report for Proposals on Agenda - Closed Session

7 Development Applications

(i) Owner Consent Approved Under Delegated Authority

(ii) DAs Determined Under Delegated Authority

(iii) * DA2016-03 LHIB Wastewater Airport

(iv) * OC2015-25 Skeggs Subdivision

(v) * MDC2016-01 Deacon/Kuilman

8 Policy & Strategy

(i) Draft 2015/2016 Operations Plan

(ii) Foreshore Management Plan - Update

(iii) Review of the LHIB Pesticide Notification Plan

(iv) Review of LHIB Volunteer Policy

(v) Draft Tourist Accommodation Strategy

(vi) Review of LHIB Quarantine Strategy 2003

(vii) Review of Advertising and Signage Policy

(viii) Review of Vehicle Importation, Transfer and Use Policy

(ix) Review of the Mooring Management Policy

9 Finance & Business Management - Closed Session

10 Leasing & Land Administration

(i) * Transfer of Perpetual Lease (G. Wilson)

(ii) Permissive Occupancy Fee Marine Parks Authority

(iii) * Estate of the Late Ysobel Heffernan

(iv) Review of the Local Environmental Plan

(v) Extension of the Term Special Lease

11 Governance

(i) Attestation Letter for Financial Year Ending 30 June 2015

12 Operations & Services

(i) Rodent Eradication Program Update

(ii) Renewable Energy Program

(iii) Boat Ramp and Slipway Project

(iv) Runway Resurfacing and Drainage Improvements Project Update

(v) Environmental Grants Progress Report

(vi) Windy Point Coastal Erosion

(vii) Closed Session

(viii) Management of Contaminated Fuel for Electricity Generation

13 WH&S and Public Risk Management

(i) WH&S and Public Risk Management Update

* This paper may contain personal information and/or material that is subject to copyright. Copies may be available upon application to the Administration office.

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