November 2017

The following business papers are available for download:

1 Minutes of Previous Meeting - Notice of Adoption PDF 21 KB

2 Out of Session Matters - Status Report PDF 16 KB

3 Actions from Previous Meeting - Status Report PDF 55 KB

4 Chief Executive Officer’s Report PDF 138 KB

5 Motor Vehicle Importation or Transfer - Status Report PDF 38 KB

6 Financial Impact Report for Proposals On Agenda - Closed Session

7 Development Applications

(i) Owner Consent approved under Delegated Authority PDF 19 KB

(ii) DAs Determined Under Delegated Authority PDF 16 KB

* (iii) OC2018.04 Alterations and Additions to Existing Residence - D Rickard

* (iv) DA2017.06 Alterations and Additions to Capella Lodge: Deferred Commencement Conditions - J Baillie

8 Policy and Strategy

(i) Planning Proposal - D Owens PDF 2.4 MB

(ii) LHI Visitor Information Survey - Interim Results PDF 1.9 MB

9 Finance and Business Management - Closed Session

10 Leasing and Land Administration

(i) Administration of the Estate of the Late E Shick PDF 27 KB

(ii) Application to Sublease Perpetual Lease - J Riddle to A Hickey PDF 18 KB

(iii) Application For Suspension of Residency Condition - J Riddle PDF 568 KB

(iv) Closed Session

11 Governance - Closed Session

12 Operations and Services

(i) Rodent Eradication Program Update PDF 51 KB

(ii) Renewable Energy Program Update PDF 28 KB

(iii) Airport Terminal Upgrade Project Update PDF 20 KB

(iv) Boat Retrieval System Update PDF 293 KB

13 Public Risk and WS&S Management

(i) Public Risk and WH&S Management Update PDF 56 KB

* This paper may contain personal information and/or material that is subject to copyright. Copies may be available upon application to the Administration office.

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