May 2012

The following business papers are available for download from the May 2012 Board meeting:

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting: Notice of adoption (DOCX - 16KB)

2. Out of Session Matters: Status Report (DOCX - 15KB)

3. Actions from Previous Meeting: Status Report (DOCX - 26.41KB)

4. Chief Executive Officer's Report (DOCX - 58.21KB)

6. Motor Vehicle Importation or Transfer

(i) Status Report (DOCX - 19.12KB)

(ii) Vehicle Importation and Use Policy (DOCX - 54.33KB)

(ii) Attachment: Draft Vehicle Importation and Use Policy (DOCX - 76.66KB)

7. Development Applications

(i) DAs Determined Under Delegated Authority (DOCX - 17.26KB)

(ii) Owner Consent Approved Under Delegated Authority (DOCX - 18.17KB)

* (iii) DA2012-13 Elliot Construction of a Garage & Consolidation of Portion 9 & 305

* (iv) DA2012-10 LHIB Construction of a Backup Generator Facility

* (v) DA2012-12 LHI Preschool Update Report

8. Policy and Strategy

(i) Dwelling Allocation and Entitlement Policy (DOCX - 50.85KB)

(ia) Category B Dwelling Allocation Update (DOCX - 2152.91KB)

(ii) Planning Systems: Biannual Audit (DOCX - 51.04KB)

(iii) Review of Significant Native Vegetation: Update (DOCX - 19.24KB)

(iii) Attachment: Vegetation Mapping Interim Report (PDF - 3120.74KB)

(iv) Implementation of Quarantine Measures (DOCX - 31.52KB)

11. Governance

(i) Review of ICAC Recommendations (DOCX - 35.57KB)

12. Operations and Services

(i) Electricity Tariff & Energy Supply Road Map Funding (DOCX - 40.56KB)

(ii) Powerhouse Rebuild Update (DOCX - 28.67KB)

(iii) Rodent Eradication Progress Report (DOCX - 22.91KB)

13. WH & S and Public Risk Management

(i) WH & S and Public Risk Management Update (DOCX - 16.96KB)

(i) Attachment: Claim Statistics by Policy (PDF - 132.51KB)

(i) Attachment: Injury Statistics (PDF - 64.65KB)

(i) Attachment: Mechanism of Injury Statistics (PDF - 67.38KB)

14. Community Health and Well-being

(i) Community Development Update (DOCX - 72.77KB)

* This paper may contain personal information and/or material that is subject to copyright. Copies may be available upon application to the Administration office.

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