March 2019

The following business papers are available for download:

1 Conflict of Interest Declarations

2 Minutes of Previous Meeting – Notice of Adoptions PDF 97 KB

3 Out of Session Business Papers – Status Report PDF 106 KB

4  Actions from Previous Meetings – Status Report PDF 168 KB

5 Chief Executive Officer’s Report PDF 250 KB

6 Motor Vehicle Importation or Transfer – Status Report PDF 150 KB

7  Finance and Business Management

 (i) Closed Session

(ii) Application for Liquor Licence – Post Office (S. Sia) PDF 309 KB

(iii) Mobile Food Vending Service PDF 2.5 MB

(iv) Closed Session

(v) Closed Session 

8 Development Applications

(i) Owner Consent approved under Delegated Authority PDF 87 KB

(ii) Development Application determined under Delegated Authority PDF 104 KB

(iii) OC2019.02 & DA2019.05 Commercial premises with bar, allied health centre and day spa centre – Tim Cruikshank*

(iv) OC2019.04 Extension to bathroom in cottage – Gary Payten*

(v) MC2019.05 Remove loft level, reduction in building height and minor design changes to room layout – DDC Architects for John Green*

(vi) DA2019.08 Temporary site office for Rodent Eradication Project helicopter operations at airport – Lord Howe Island Board*

9 Policy & Strategy

(i) Community Strategic Plan Update PDF 116 KB

(ii) Closed Session

(iii) Amendments to Dog Importation and Management Policy PDF 2 MB

(iv) Operations Plan 2018/19 – Status Report  PDF 268 KB           

10 Leasing & Land Administration

(i) Lord Howe Island Land Allocation Review –  Implementation Update PDF 247 KB

(ii) Closed Session 

11 Governance

(i) Closed Session

(ii) Application for Permissive Occupancy – Lord Howe Island Community Preschool PDF 582 KB

(iii) Closed Session  

12 Operations & Services

(i) Rodent Eradication Project Update PDF 1.2 MB

(ii) Airport Runway Extension Feasibility Study Update PDF 987 KB

(iii) Stronger Country Community Funds – Project Update PDF 128 KB

(iv) Stronger Country Community Grant Project – Old Powerhouse Site Remediation – Final Construction Plans and Amendments in Response to Public Exhibition PDF 14.9 MB

(v) Stronger Country Community Funds –  Foreshore Fitness Trail PDF 270 KB

(vi) Renewable Energy Program Update PDF 106 KB

(vii) Waste Management Facility – EPA Licence PDF 379 KB

(viii) NSW EPA PFAS Strategy PDF 103 KB

13 WH&S and Public Risk Management

(i) WH&S and Public Risk Management Update PDF 145 KB

* This paper may contain personal information and/or material that is subject to copyright. Copies may be available upon application to the Administration Office.

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