December 2020

The following business papers are available for download:

1 Conflict of Interest Declarations (No paper)

2 Minutes of Previous Meeting – Notice of Adoption PDF 117 KB

3 Out of Session Matters – Status Report PDF 112 KB

4 Actions from Previous Meetings  – Status Report PDF 200 KB

5 Chief Executive Officer’s Report PDF 2,420 KB

6 Motor Vehicle Importation or Transfer – Status Report PDF 424 KB

7 Finance and Business Management

(i) Finance Report PDF1,435 KB

8 Development Applications

(i) Owner Consent approved under Delegated Authority PDF 114 KB

(ii) DAs Determined Under Delegated Authority PDF 113 KB

(iii) DA 2020.12 – Three lot subdivision, Lot 285 DP 48687 L & E Wilson PDF 705 KB

(iv) OC2020.10 and DA2020.13 – Alterations and Additions to Existing Garage to create a Studio – Chris and Rosalind Wade  PDF 1,730 KB

9 Policy and Strategy

(i) Vehicle Importation, Transfer and Use Policy – Review PDF 1,477 KB

(ii) Electoral Districts Redistribution Report PDF 370 KB

10 Leasing and Land Administration

(i) Lord Howe Island Land Allocation Review –  Implementation Update PDF 251 KB

(ii) Creation of Special Lease – Therese Turner – December 2020 PDF 490 KB

(iii) Creation of Special Lease – Thornleigh - Robert Jeremy – December 2020 PDF 688 KB

(iv) Transfer of Perpetual Lease 1954.31 to Branko Pavlica PDF 728 KB

(v) Update on Category B Special Lease Restitution PDF 681 KB

(vi) Modification of Perpetual Lease Conditions for 2016.03 to provide easement access PDF 2,465 KB

11 Governance

(i) Audit and Risk Committee Report PDF 132 KB

(ii) Operations Plan Mid-term Review PDF 658 KB

12 Operations and Services

(i) Biosecurity Update PDF 881 KB

13 WH&S and Public Risk Management

(i) WH&S and Public Risk Management Update PDF 155 KB

14 Interviews (No Paper)

LHI Tourism Association (No Paper)

15 General Business and Questions on Notice (No Paper)

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