August 2016 - Special Meeting

The following business papers are available for download for the August 2016 Board meeting:

1 Finance & Business Management - No items

2 Leasing & Land Administration

(i) Estate of the Late Patricia Dignam PDF 192 KB

3 Development Applications

(i) * OC2016-26 D & A Young - Convert Existing Garage

(ii) * OC2016-29 V Turk - Change Existing Tourist Accommodation

(iii) * DA2016-26 D Owens - Alterations / Additions to Existing Infrastructure Building

(iv) * MDC2017-01 D Owens - Remove Previous Condition of Consent DA1989-01

(v) * DA2016-19 D & G Gardiner - Modifications and Change of Use to Boatshed No. 1

4 Policy & Strategy

(i) Bushfire Mitigation Hardship Policy PDF 139 KB

(ii) Corporate Plan 2014-2016 Review PDF 407 KB

(iii) Operations Plan 2015-2016 Review PDF 307 KB

(iv) Draft Corporate Plan 2017-2019 PDF 2 MB

(v) Closed Session

5 Operations & Services

(i) Total Asset Management Plan Update PDF 1.6 MB

* This paper may contain personal information and/or material that is subject to copyright. Copies may be available upon application to the Administration office.

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