August 2013

The following business papers are available for download from the August 2013 Board meeting:

1. Minutes of Previous Meeting - Notice of Adoption (DOCX) (17.56 KB)

2. Out of Session - Status Report (DOCX) (21.09 KB)

3. Actions from Previous Meeting - Status Report (DOCX) (25.88 KB)

4. Chief Executive Officer's Report (DOCX) (50.41 KB)

5. Motor Vehicle Importation or Transfer

(i) Status Report (DOCX) (24.9 KB)

7. Development Applications

(i) Owner Consent Approved Under Delgated Authority (DOCX) (19.14 KB)

(ii) Development Applications Determined Under Delegated Authority (DOCX) (18.61 KB)

(iii) * OC2013-14 Cameron Two Lot Subdivision

(iv) LEP Review - Community Survey (DOCX) (22.33 KB)

(iv) Attachment 1 - LHI LEP Review Community Survey (PDF) (2.15 MB)

(iv) Attachment 2 - LHI LEP Fact Sheet (PDF) (223.05 KB)

(v) Planning Proposal for Nursery Rezoning (DOCX) (1.92 MB)

(v) Attachment - Nursery Rezoning (PDF) (2.5 MB)

(vi) * OC2013-16 Thompson Extension of Garage

8. Policy & Strategy

(i) Dog Importation and Management Policy (DOCX) (21.39 KB)

(ii) Draft Development Assessment Policy (DOCX) (21.82 KB)

(ii) Attachment 1 - Draft Development Assessment Policy (DOCX) (51.38 KB)

(ii) Attachment 2 - Draft Development Assessment Procedures (DOCX) (31.33 KB)

12. Operations & Services

(i) Wastewater Management Program (DOCX) (21.42 KB)

(ii) Environmental Grants Update (DOCX) (26.38 KB)

(iii) Rodent Eradication Update (DOCX) (23.79 KB)

(iii) Attachment - Community Engagement Strategy (PDF) (1.75 MB)

(iv) Coastal Hazard Study (DOCX) (1.87 MB)

(v) Runway Reseal Project (DOCX) (23.04 KB)

(vi) Mt Gower Risk Assessment (DOCX) (28.39 KB)

(vi) Attachment - Mt Gower Risk Assessment Document (DOCX) (963.86 KB)

(vii) Renewable Energy Funding Bid (DOCX) (23.43 KB)

* This paper may contain personal information and/or material that is subject to copyright. Copies may be available upon application to the Administration office.

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