April 2021 (Deferred from March 2021)

The following business papers are available for download:

1 Conflict of Interest Declarations (No paper)

2 Minutes of Previous Meeting – Notice of Adoption PDF 782 KB

3 Out of Session Matters – Status Report PDF 97 KB

4 Actions from Previous Meetings  – Status Report PDF 141 KB

5 Chief Executive Officer’s Report PDF 633 KB

6 Motor Vehicle Importation or Transfer – Status Report PDF 131 KB

7 Budget Adjustments

(i) Finance Report PDF 915 KB

(ii) Revised Fees and Charges – Biosecurity inspections PDF 275 KB

8 Development Applications

(i) Owner Consent approved under Delegated Authority PDF 106 KB

(ii) DAs Determined Under Delegated Authority PDF 101 KB

(iii) Assessment Report OC2020.01 & DA2019.10 – s8.3(1) Review of Determination – Janelle Makiiti PDF 2.2 MB

(iv) Assessment Report MDC2019.5.2 – Amendments to conditions for the Crooked Post – Tim Cruikshank PDF 1.6 MB

(v) Stage 1 Planning Proposal – Report on Public Exhibition and Government Agency Consultation PDF 4.88 KB

(vi) Assessment Report OC2021.02 & DA2021.02 –  Subdivision (Boundary Adjustment) Lot 4 DP 1216390 and Lot 2 DP 1174920 – Rod Oxley and Lisa Makiiti PDF 734 KB

9 Policy and Strategy

(i) Corporate and Operations Plan Update PDF 308 KB

(ii) Vehicle Importation, Transfer and Use Policy Review PDF 1.6 MB

10 Leasing and Land Administration

(i) Proposed Permissive Occupancy for Marine Rescue PDF 565 KB

(ii) Review of Compliance with Residency Condition on Perpetual Leases PDF 134 KB

(iii) Application to transfer by way of sublease PL1978.01 – Judith Riddle to Amy PDF 137 KB

(iv) Options for the future use of the Nursery Site PDF 3.56 MB

(v) Lord Howe Island Land Allocation Review – Implementation Update PDF 163 KB

11 Governance

Governance & Induction to be held during Planning Session for new Board

(i) Audit and Risk Committee Report PDF 138 KB

(ii) Appointment of Deputy Chairperson PDF 124 KB

(iii) Issues Raised from Minister’s Visit – Status Report PDF 130 KB

(iv) Review of the Effectiveness and Efficiency of the Lord Howe Island Board PDF 539 KB

12 Operations and Services

(i) Biosecurity Update PDF 446 KB

(ii) Lord Howe Island Flood Study Update PDF 6.4 MB

13 WH&S and Public Risk Management 

(i) WH&S and Public Risk Management Update PDF 132 KB


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