April 2020

The following business papers are available for download:

1 Conflict of Interest Declarations (No paper)

2 Minutes of Previous Meeting - Notice of Adoption PDF 99 KB

3 Out of Session Matters - Status Report PDF 103 KB

4 Actions from Previous Meetings - Status Report PDF 162 KB

5 Chief Executive Officer's Report PDF 1.2 MB

6 Motor Vehicle Importation or Transfer - Status Report PDF 134 KB

7 Finance and Business Management

(i) Finance Report PDF 1.1 MB

(ii) Community Support Package COVID-19 PDF 158 KB

8 Development Applications

(i) Owner Consent approved under Delegated Authority PDF 94 KB

(ii) Development Applications Determined Under Delegated Authority PDF 97 KB

(iii) Annual Planning System Review PDF 241 KB

(iv) Aviation Fuel Shed - Justification Report - MC2020.04 PDF 2.3 MB

(v) Aviation Fuel Shed - Assessment Report - MC2020.04 PDF 1.4 MB

(vi) New shed for use as a Marine Rescue NSW Operations Room and Boat Store - DA2020.05 PDF 2.7 MB

(vii) Demolish existing boatshed and deck and construct a new boatshed and deck - DA2020.03 PDF 1.4 MB

(viii) Alterations and additions including retention of existing Cottage - OC2020.01 and DA2019.10 PDF 2 MB

(ix) Three lot subdivision - OC2020.04 PDF 670 KB

9 Policy & Strategy

(i) Community Strategic Plan Update PDF 102 KB

(ii) Commercial Filming Policy Review PDF 2 MB

10 Leasing & Land Administration

(i) Closed Session

(ii) Transfer PL1954.24 to Vicky Payten and Gayl Fisher PDF 53 KB

(iii) Transfer PL1974.02 to Bev Owens PDF 9 KB

11 Governance

(i) Audit and Risk Committee Report PDF 150 KB

12 Operations & Services

(i) Rodent Eradication Project Update PDF 277 KB

(ii) Update on revegetation of Blackburn Island PDF 647 KB

13 WH&S and Public Risk Management

(i) WH&S and Public Risk Management Update PDF 165 KB

14 Interviews (No paper)

15 General Business and Questions on Notice (No paper)

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