Environment and resources


Lord Howe Island is a researcher's paradise and the Lord Howe Island Board encourages research on the Island.

All research on Lord Howe Island requires the approval of the Lord Howe Island Board. In order to gain approval to conduct research on the Island researchers must submit a Research Application Form.

Please refer to the Research Policy for more information.

Research applications are assessed against relevant environmental policies, plans and legislation including the Lord Howe Island Biodiversity Management Plan.

All native mammals, birds and reptiles and many species of native plants are protected on Lord Howe Island under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974.  A Scientific License is required from the Wildlife Licensing Department of the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage if you intend conducting research into protected fauna and flora on Lord Howe Island.

The Lord Howe Island Board has a purpose built Research Facility with a laboratory and accommodation facilities that lodge up to six people. The Research Facility can be booked for approved research activities. Approval for use of the facility can be obtained via the Research Application Form. Refer to the current Fees and Charges Schedule for laboratory and accommodation fees.

Environmental Programs - LHIB

The Lord Howe Island Board implements a range of environmental projects to maintain and protect the Islands World Heritage values. Projects range from weed eradication, planning for the eradication of exotic rodents, eradication of African Big-headed Ants (ABHA), maintaining and upgrading the islands walking track network, re-vegetation works, quarantine/biosecurity, threatened species recovery and educating the community about the islands environmental attributes.

The Board allocates funding, the majority of which is generated through the Environment Levy paid by visitors to the island, to support environmental projects. External grants are also important in delivering key projects as the island community has limited resources to fund the broad range of programs required to maintain the World Heritage values. Volunteers also make an significant contribution to protecting the island's environment through the LHIB volunteer program.

Camping and other facilities

Camping is only permitted on the Island under section 6.4 of the Lord Howe Island Permanent Park Preserve Plan of Management. Under the plan, camping in the Preserve is not offered as an activity for visitors to the Island. Island residents and authorised researchers may apply to the Lord Howe Island Board for approval to camp in the Permanent Park Preserve subject to conditions.