Download a Policy:

Advertising and Signage Policy PDF 163 KB

Avian Importation Policy PDF 446 KB

Bushfire Mitigation Hardship Policy PDF 87 KB

Business Licensing Policy DOCX 32 KB

Business Licence for the Provision of Long Term Accommodation Policy PDF 109 KB

Commercial Filming and Photography Policy DOCX 24 KB

Community Grants Policy PDF 112 KB

Complaints and Allegations Policy PDF 143 KB

Cruise Ship Policy PDF 115 KB

Development Assessment Policy PDF 491 KB

Dog Importation and Management Policy PDF 2MB

Dwelling Allocation and Entitlement Policy DOCX 21 KB

Fraud and Corruption Prevention Policy PDF 133 KB

Goats (Keeping of Domestic) Policy PDF 283 KB

Guarantee of Service Policy PDF 115 KB

Law Enforcement Policy DOCX 17 KB

Land Asset Disposal Policy PDF 147 KB

Lord Howe Island Electricity Supply - Service and Installation Rules  PDF 261 KB

Mooring Management Policy DOCX 31 KB

Permissive Occupancy Policy DOCX 20 KB

Plant Importation Policy PDF 420 KB

Plant Importation Strategy PDF 1 MB

Pricing Policy DOCX 19 KB

Research Policy DOCX 25 KB

Risk Management Policy DOCX 27 KB

RSA Exemption Policy DOCX 19 KB

Satellite Earth-Station Dish Policy DOCX 19 KB

Smoke Free Environment Policy DOCX 467 KB

Solar Energy Systems - Checklist for Streamlined DA's DOCX 22 KB

Stock Importation Policy PDF 507 KB

Transfer of Perpetual Lease Policy DOCX 39 KB

Vehicle Importation, Transfer and Use Policy PDF 258 KB

Volunteer Policy and Procedures PDF 1 MB

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